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Mgt. and Admin. Cluster

MAAS: Admin. Services Pathway

MAAS.01.01 Office Communication (+)
MAAS.01.01.a Greet and direct visitors (go)
MAAS.01.01.b Relay Business Message (go)
MAAS.01.01.c.Field.Phone.Calls (+)
MAAS.01.01.d Screen Phone Calls (+)
MAAS.01.02 Deliver Phone Messages (+)
MAAS.01.02.a Legible Messages (+)
MAAS.01.02.b Deliver Messages (+)
MAAS.04.06 Procurement Process
MAAS.04.06.b Vendor Search (go)
MAAS.04.07.a Mfg Equipment (go)
MAAS.04.07.d Mfg Schedule (+)

MAHR: Human Resources Mgt. Pathway

MAHR.05.03.a HR Overview (go)
MAHR.05.03.b HR Phases (go)

MAOM: Operations Mgt. Pathway

MAOM.02.01.c.Process.Returns (go)
MAOM.05.01.c.Ethical.Purchasing (go)
MAOM.05.01.f Purchasing Strategy (go)
MAOM.05.07.e SCM Overview (go)
MAOM.05.07.f SCM Logistics (go)

Marketing Cluster

MKCO: Marketing Communications

MKCO.08.01 Technology Security (go)
MKCO.12.01 Price Strategy (go)
MKCO.13.01 Business Activities (go)
MKCO.14.02 Word of Mouth (go)
MKCO.14.02.j Referral Programs (go)

MKME: Merchandising Pathway

MKME.07.01 Distribution (go)
MKME.07.05.c Warehouse Storage (go)
MKME.07.07.i Shrinkage (go)
MKME.10.01.b Product Cost (go)
MKME.10.01.f Pricing (go)
MKME.11.03.d Reorder Products (go)
MKME.12.03.c Placement (go)
MKME.12.03.g Planograms Make (go)
MKME.12.04.d Signs (go)
MKME.12.04.h Displays (go)
MKME.13.01 Product Benefits (go)
MKME.13.02.c Recommend a Product (go)
MKME.13.02.d Good Service (go)

MKMN: Marketing Mgt. Pathway

MKMN.10.05 Brand Packaging (go)
MKMN.11.01 Outreach (+)
MKMN.11.05.b Design Elements (+)
MKMN.12.01 Staff Attrition (go)

MKTC: Marketing Cluster Core

MKTC.01.02.f Graphs (+)
MKTC.02.03.b Private Company (+)
MKTC.02.03.e Competition (+)
MKTC.02.04.b.Taxes (+)
MKTC.02.05.c Organized Labor (go)
MKTC.02.05.e Economies of Scale (go)
MKTC.05.01 Written Material (+)
MKTC.05.02.c Active Listening (go)
MKTC.05.05.f Write Business Letters (go)
MKTC.05.05.i Persuasive.Messages (+)
MKTC.05.05.j Exec. Summaries (+)
MKTC.05.05.k Simple Reports (go)
MKTC.15.02.c Honesty and Integrity (go)
MKTC.15.02.d Ethical Habits (+)
MKTC.16.01 Self Understanding (+)
MKTC.16.03.d Enthusiasm (+)
MKTC.19.01 Financial Goals (+)
MKTC.19.02.b Pay Stubs (+)
MKTC.19.07.c Cost Benefit (+)
MKTC.20.01 Management Role (+)
MKTC.21.01 Planning Tools (+)
MKTC.24.01 Information Mgt. (go)
MKTC.25.01 Marketing Plan (+)
MKTC.25.01.d Market Segments (go)
MKTC.25.01.e ESRI Segments (go)
MKTC.26.01 Pricing Overview (+)
MKTC.27.04.b Bundling (+)
MKTC.28.01 Promotion (+)
MKTC.29.01 Up.Selling (go)

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Oklahoma Personal Financial Literacy

Home page Personal Financial Literacy (web link)

OK Personal Financial Literacy Standards

01.01 Earning an Income

01.02 Income and Taxes

01.04 Managing Your Income

01.03 Goal-Setting

02.01 Somebody Has To Pay

02.02 Voluntary Compliance

03.01 Finding Financial Services

04.01 Part II Tracking Your Money

04.01 Tracking Your Money

05.01 Getting Started

05.02 The Rule of 72

05.03 Saving and Investing Tools

05.04 Time is Money

05.05 Managing Financial Risk

06.01 Planning for Your Retirement

06.02 Longevity and Retirement

07.01 Remember the Interest

07.02 It is in Your Interest

07.03 Your Credit Score

07.04 Consumer Credit Legislation

07.05 Student Loans Part A The FAFSA

08.01 Credit Cards More than Plastic

08.02 Credit Cards Shopping Online

09.01 Beware! Consumer Fraud

09.02 Beware! Identity Theft

10.01 Housing Alternatives

10.02 Renting an Apartment

10.03 Buying a House

11.01 Identifying Risk

11.02 Different Types of Insurance

11.03 Using Insurance to Manage Risk

12.01 Risky Business

12.02 Gambling is Risky Business

13.01 Managing High Levels of Debt

14.01 Charitable Contributions

14.02 Checking Out Charitable Groups Summative Assessment

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