What is it?

A business and marketing learning resource. Honeycutt.biz is a web site dedicated to training material for teachers and students interested in business and marketing. Content presented here is prohibited for commercial use, unless specifically approved in writing from John A. Honeycutt.

Who is it for?

High school students and teachers. Public school teachers, home school teachers, and parents of high-school students may freely use content provided on this site for the exclusive purpose of educating their students or young persons in their care.  Students (recommended 14-19 years old) may freely access the site for self-learning, or supplemental learning.

Who is Honeycutt?

An educator and business person. John Honeycutt is currently a public high school teacher employed in Colorado.  His experience include three decades of business and marketing experience prior to teaching in a high school.  Drawing from his business, marketing, and instructional design experiences, he has crafted this web site to provide students with relevant, easy-to-use materials which are (and will-be) appreciated by their future employers.

Can I market this material commercially?

No.  This material has been curated by John Honeycutt from many different sources.  Some of the material is proprietary to John A. Honeycutt.  Other portions of the material are copyrighted by their respective owners.  This site provides free-of-charge access to public educators and their students.  Materials may be printed for student use by an instructor.  Materials may not be mass-produced and distributed for any commercial purpose.

Can I received Continuing Education Credit for this?

Not presently.  Mr. Honeycutt is in process of submitting the content through appropriate approval processes so that some professionals may be able to obtain CE hours for some of the topics.  Presently though, the site remains a work-in-progress and the topics are not presently approved for CE.

Do you have customer service?

Not presently.  This site is wholly created and maintained by John Honeycutt at the moment.  If you find an error, an improper use of a visual aid, graphic, or some other issue – please send an email to john @ honeycutt dot com.  The response (if any) will likely be slow at this time.  Perhaps at some future time there will be a customer service aspect to this site.  Presently, this is a work-in-progress and very little if any support can be provided to users or potential users of the site.