Conceptual Abstraction Diagram Assignments

Overview and Examples

Teachers.  View these Instructor’s examples for set 01, 02 and 03. Notice there is no right or wrong answer.  These activities draw from student’s Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation for the assignment.  In more recent versions of PowerPoint, the ability to Insert SmartArt (often-used business diagrams) may be one way to help student’s achieve a final “Big Picture.”  In each of the instructor examples, SmartArt was used to craft the diagram.

Printable Assignments

The layout, format, and intention of each assignment below is similar.  Students copy/sketch four separate diagrams or illustrations.  Students then answer three questions to help them analyze the similarities and differences between the illustrations.  Next the students synthesize (combine) the concepts from the four separate illustrations to create a final “Big Picture” overview of the concepts. These activities activate high-level thinking and encourage creativity.

Each abstraction set requires ~30 minutes to thoughtfully complete. Each group has representation from Marketing, General Business, and Supply Chain topics found elsewhere on this site.

Group A

Abstraction Set 01 – Marketing (Marketing Savvy)

Abstraction Set 02 – General Business (Employee Virtues)

Abstraction Set 03 – Supply Chain (Product Management)

Group B

Abstraction Set 04 – Marketing (Packaging & Pricing)

Abstraction Set 05 – General Business – (Customer Care)

Abstraction Set 06 – Supply Chain – (Purchasing Smart)