Our Approach

The material provided at honeycutt.biz is consistent with Colorado Department of Education standards for business and marketing.  Each topic is designed to be a “workshop” type of format.  This means that any given topic is generally NOT dependent upon other topics as a prerequisite.  That said, some of the topics are less abstract and less complicated than other topics.  Even so, a typical high-school student should generally be able to receive any given topic and draw a few learning moments.

An emphasis on 21st century skills is found in each topic.  In particular, teachers are encouraged to facilitate the topics rather than “traditionally teach through lecture.”  The topics are designed to facilitate strategic thinking, opinion, discourse, debate, and ideas.

Each topic generally has a graph or chart which depicts data that is somewhat related to the particular subject area.  Also, there is an illustration, diagram, or visual which ideally is redrawn or copied by the students.  These two portions of the lesson are instructive to make connections across content.

The emphasis on summarizing text provides students an opportunity to think-through their own ideas, while considering the statements made in text form.

Use of three videos (each) throughout the topics have been curated from thousands of potential YouTube videos.  Teachers may identify better options than those presented here – but by including them as embedded videos to the pages, teachers can allow students to watch the videos on their own computers while lessening the risk of improper videos being displayed or viewed.  For teachers with a form of “NetSupport” in their classroom, Youtube can be set up as a prohibited site, while these embedded videos will still function properly within the honeycutt.biz web site.

High School Science

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