Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management involves movement and storage of goods. Major processes describe the supply chain:

  • Buy 
  • Make 
  • Move 
  • Store
  • Sell

Raw material. Work-in-progress. Inventory. Finished goods.


Marketing Mix and the 4-Ps

The marketing mix is known as the four P’s.  This is a foundation concept in marketing. The marketing mix refers to four broad types of marketing decisions:

  • Price
  • Product
  • Promotion
  • Place

Firms use these tools to pursue their marketing objectives. 


General Business Processes

Sales, General and Administrative (SGA) process are necessary to manage the company. Salaries of many office personnel and executives contribute to SGA costs.

  • Selling expense
  • General expense
  • Administration costs

These non-production costs are not part of product cost (material, direct labor, factory overhead).

Standards-Based.  21st Century Skills

Topics presented here are consistent with Colorado educational standards with emphasis on 21st Century Skills. Particular emphasis is placed on these:

  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Economic literacy
  • Critical thinking

Most topics also include attention toward these:

  • Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Creativity

Other important skills are interwoven in selected topics. View the Colorado Department of Education for detail on standards.


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